Wednesday, October 20, 2010

swimming in October

Have you ever gone swimming in the mountains at night in October? It's beautiful (I know a little crazy too). I floated on my back and stared at the stars and watched my breath mist up and away from me. It was so calming and peacefull... I had the pool to myself and so just floated in lazy circles,tracing quilt patterns in the stars (I am at a quilting conference after all)

Monday, May 31, 2010


Yea summer is finally here. I spent almost all day outside today and didn't need a jacket or an umbrella! I get to see the sun on my way to and from work which just makes life sooooo much more enjoyable (even if it is right at eye level while driving). My nephews and neices can play outside! (this helps me stay sane when they come to visit for more than one day). The garden is mostly planted and I won't really have to do anymore intense work on it until fall when everything needs to be harvested. Oh yeah and all the really great smelling flowers are starting to bloom like lilacs, and irises, next it will be roses and lillies. I love it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 goal

I have been told my goal for 2010 should be to blog more.... sorry probably not gonna happen D'Nell...but my goal of not wasting money (I haven't bought any fabric at JoAnn's yet) and using what I already have is working ok. I've already been to the gym more times this year than i went last year. Hopefully I will have my car paid off this year (no more paying evil interest). I am doing better at finishing projects too ... I've gone to grandma Gs to quilt my yellow quilt, I finished all the blocks for my square dance quilt, and my santa wall hanging finally has buttons and eyes. Unfortunatly I finished the Santa wall hanging right after we put away all the christmas stuff so he will still be sitting in the sewing room until next year. Now I just have to make some cards or scrapbook pages to use my paper stuff.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Break

I accomplished quite a bit last weekend ... I finally finished the green and yellow quilt top, I maded 10 more blocks for my log cabin quilt, I prepared and gave my 3rd R.S. lesson, I took Grandma Stones to the library and helped her find books she hasn't read yet (or in a long time) and then I sat and helped her start indexing for familysearch. Oh yeah and I finished two 1000 peice puzzles.

So this weekend I've decided I deserve a break and I'm taking one! After Thursday night I will only be doing the minimal amount of work required of me. I have put my family on notice that they are not allowed to get started on any big projects this weekend because I don't want to feel guilty for not helping out. And I won't help out if they decide to go ahead without me(well probably). I have a stack of books waiting for me and my car is going to the mechanics tomorrow so I can't run errands for anyone (sorry D'nell). Let the weekend begin :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Everyone is getting ready to go back to school and I'm kind of jealous... What is with my family and being perpetual students? I doubt I'll be going back for at least another year or two though, but I'm definetly starting to think about it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My fam just got back from Yellowstone and it was BEAUTIFUL. There were tons of wildflowers and when we went in to the park we even saw a bear. Almost the entire Stones gang was at Uncle Mike's cabin for the 4th and it was nice to see everyone relaxed and on vacation. Grandma, who doesn't like Yellowstone but came anyway because her whole family was there read almost the entire time, suprise, suprise. You could tell Grandma was missing Grandpa and remembering a lot of the good times that they had spent there together. The family dogs even joined in the fun and had fun running up and down between the lake and the cabins. Bruiser got a little too curious about the water and fell in (he didn't jump, he got too close and fell off the dock) I wish I would have got a picture.

I was supposed to be working on my Relief Society Lesson while on vacation, but did I get much done??? Of course not. Am I working on it now? Nope, I am still procrastinating even though, I'm teaching tomorrow. It's the Joseph Smith Lesson on Charity so I think it will be alright because my ward is AWESOME at charity and serving/loving others. All the ladies know how nervous I am at teaching so I think there will be lots of responses when I ask questions or for examples. Wish me Luck and keep me in your prayers.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You People

The person who sits next to me at work had caller today who kept getting angry and explaining how horrible we were at our jobs by saying "you people need to.... why don't you people..." it was probably a 15 minute "conversation" with "you people" used in every sentence. The lady next to me, who has a ton of patience, literally growled when she hung up the phone. (I was smiling in my cubicle enjoying the fact that I am not on phones in the afternoon.)

I love sitting where I do at work because I always here the most interest comments from my coworkers. There is another lady who sits by me who calls everyone hon and darling ... and says stuff like "I got an answer for you .. NO" when people call in and say they have a question. She is funny to listen to because she just tells it like it is and tries to lighten things with a joke, which is often unappreciated by stuffy CPA's and people being billed. In between her and me is a guy who has the dryest sense of humor and makes fun of us (mostly her) while we are on the phones. He sometimes pretends to hide from us when he sees us coming to ask him a question because we are always double checking our answers with him, but I think he secretly likes being the one everyone asks (he has been there longer and knows a lot more).

People call in and ask us a lot of weird questions but I think my favorite is still when people call in and ask "where is my refund?" and we are forced to explain that they owed taxes and inform them of when we received their payment.